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fashion trends at polaris fashion place

February 14, 2024

James Lucas – Personal Stylist,  Macy’s Polaris

The Macy’s Stylists have spoken!

Whether it feels like it right now or not, Spring is springing earlier than ever this year, and we are seeing people dressed up for the sunnier weather and floral vibes already! In women’s wear, joyful Spring hues reign supreme, led by pinks, light greens, lilac, and melon, with bolder shades for your dressier occasions and muted tones for everyday wear. We are seeing a strong pull towards ultra-feminine details, like eyelets, ruffles, feminine florals, smocking, and especially bows. In accessories, we are seeing layered necklaces and bracelets with strong stone color details, and handbags and shoes with natural textures, like denim, cork, raffia, and straw. In professional wear, power-suiting is showing up hot in the form of bold monochrome looks and steely greys with bold colors popped off of it.

The men are gravitating towards strong neutral-toned pieces, featuring shades of brown, grey, and black, popped off with cool blues, yellows, and terracotta colors. Timeless layering pieces are key here, with cardigans, chore jackets, and unstructured blazers with texture. There is still a strong pull towards “quiet luxury” particularly in men’s fashion, where guys are more likely to throw down on high quality timeless pieces than they are on something trendy they may fall out of love with by next season. In footwear, we are still seeing loafers maintaining a high level of popularity that will probably continue through the rest of the year, and you can still never go wrong with a crisp polished sneaker that can be dressed up or down for versatility.