Toys "R" Us

Two of America’s most iconic brands have come together to create a very special partnership—the world’s greatest toy store, Toys “R” Us is now at Macy’s.

For more than 70 years Toys “R” Us has been the most trusted destination for all things toys and now, together with Macy’s, these brands will bring classic and trending toys alike to a whole new generation of Toys “R” Us kids.

Marking the return of Toys “R” Us to the U.S.A, you can shop an expansive assortment of toys for kids online right now and in over 400 Macy’s stores across the country starting in 2022. And let’s not forget the most-loved mascot, Geoffrey the Giraffe—he’ll be prominently featured online and in stores.

Some of the most well-known toy brands as well as totally trendy brands will be offered through this collaboration. Let’s start with the classics. Barbie is an iconic name in toys and a brand every little girl and boy played with growing up and one that kids today are sure to love as well. Barbie has created a line of dolls that are the most inclusive and diverse so every kid will have a doll they love and feel inspired by.

Their creativity and imagination will soar with the ever-so-playful, Play-Doh. A modeling clay that can be used for all kinds of arts and crafts (or just making a mess), kids and adults will have so much fun with this one. Also, let’s not forget about Hot Wheels, another classic. Zoom around the living room with so many different cars and track set ups to play with.

For those who love to collect, Funko Pops and L.O.L. Surprise dolls are the latest that everyone is talking about. Funko Pops are vinyl dolls inspired by all kinds of pop culture from movies to tv shows to sports and so much more. With L.O.L Surprise dolls, half the fun comes in the unboxing as every package is a total surprise so you never know what you might get.

Educational toys from Melissa & Doug and LeapFrog are perfect the little ones. They will get a jumpstart on their numbers, letters, animals and more.

Shopping for a niece, nephew or friend and not sure what to get? You can easily shop by age on our site and find the perfect (and age-appropriate!) gift for any little one. Also, this holiday season, Geoffrey’s Hot Toy list is back so check it out to see what’s trending (hint: it includes little bit of everything such as Paw Patrol, My Little Pony, Barbie, Harry Potter, Avengers, Fisher-Price, and more).