The Candy Spot

Welcome to our store, The Candy Spot at Polaris Fashion Place. We are so glad to be here because your presence is an absolute delight for us, and we are happy as ever to serve you! Hope you like our sweet store!

The Candy Spot, is an Ohio based small business that will provide sales of bulk candy, old fashioned and nostalgic candy, international candy such as Japanese and Mexican, all-time favorite chocolates, nuts, and similar products and toys. We also sell a classic style soda drink which will feature many flavors of cola and sodas, bottled water, and beverages.

Our mission is to become the recognized local for the sale of bulk candy, old fashioned and nostalgic candy, chocolates, nuts, and similar products, and toys to the customers in its targeted market and our goal is to understand the customer perceptions, preferences, dreams, values, and lifestyle.