Phyllis Ann’s Family Recipe

We at Phyllis Ann's Family Recipe say thank you for taking part in our journey. Your support means a lot to us, and we are extremely appreciative and grateful you took time out to learn more about our brand and our vision.

We started Phyllis Ann's Family Recipe to show customers how simple it is to cook our Mother's delicious homemade recipes in the comfort of their homes. Our concept simplifies the process by packaging all the dry ingredients needed to make the same delicious homemade recipes our Mother Phyllis Ann Carter cooked for her family and friends throughout the years with easy-to-follow instructions.

In 2021 Phyllis Ann and Willie Roy Carter's children, Katherine, Tanikia, Rodrigues, Antonio along with their wives Nicole and Dawanna surprised them with the new business they began working on in top secret in 2019.

The vision of packaging their Mother's homemade recipes was presented by Katherine to her siblings and everyone quickly agreed that it was a unique and great idea. With everyone on board, we put a plan together to make it into reality. The creativity came to life with multiple family favorite recipes from sweet to savory products including their Father's Willie Roy's Southern Chicken and Fish Fry Complete Mixes. We have many product options available and continually work hard to bring more recipes to kitchens around the nation.