Rachel's Best Soaps


Rachel’s Best Soaps is the result of one lady, inspired by her community, to offer wholesome self-care goods. Inspired by those sacred moments like bath time between mother and child, or a therapeutic ritual at the communal spa after a hard day’s work, Rachel understood the value of proper self-love, bodily welfare, and the effect grooming has on an individual’s mood and self-esteem.



With her family’s wellness in mind, she began experimenting with natural, chemical-free ingredients to make soaps that were safe to use and not as harsh as what was being offered on the mass-produced market.

Not before long, family-friends, relatives and neighbors took notice and began inquiring how they could get their hands on these lush and soothing bath-time products. Thus Rachel’s Best Soaps was born!



With 50+ years of perfecting bath products and skin remedies, Rachel’s Best Soaps now offers skincare with the same goal in mind – wholesome, naturally derived, facial products that soothe, enrich and enhance your skin.

Rachel’s Best Soaps has taken bathtime beyond just soaps and now offers a variety of facial cleansers, serums, scrubs, masks, and oils. Because a healthy skin and body can work wonders for how you feel on the inside – this is Rachel’s legacy.