Father's Day Exclusives at Lush

It’s time to pamper the father figures in your life! Our fresh, new Father's Day 2023 Collection has arrived, packed with scent-sational products and exclusive treats. Find something special for those you love to help them recharge with delightful and energizing products that are out of this world! Continue below to learn more about the collection, available beginning May 17th in shops and online at 


Father's Day Exclusives

Out Of This World Bath Bomb - $6.00
Drop this astronaut in the tub for an out-of-this world soak in a galaxy of colorful foam, sparkle and a refreshing citrus scent.
Smells Like: Fruity lime candies

Big Bang (Create your own universe) Fun - $11.50
Have a blast creating your own universe with this moldable soap, shampoo and bubble bath.
Smells Like: Chilly peppermint suspended in deep space

Blue Moon Soap - $8.75
A true beauty, this uplifting citrusy soap has a full moon center that glows in the dark.
Smells Like: Sweet citrus suspended in outer space

Fresh As Shower Gel - $25.00/250ml
Be as cool as a cucumber with this alpine fresh and earthy body wash.
Smells Like: Clean and earthy pine scent

Candy Wash Showder (Body Wash Powder) - $19.00
The sweetest way to wash, with exfoliating sugar, calming calamine powder and a cotton candy scent.
Smells Like: A warm and fluffy cloud of pink cotton candy

Life's A Beach Showder (Body Wash Powder) - $19.00
Fine sea salt and sand polish skin for a radiant glow, while creamy vanilla and sandalwood absolutes scent the skin.
Smells Like: Warm and sweet; creamy, gourmand vanilla

Gift Sets Under $50

Fresh & Flowers Foot Box - $49.95
Recreate a spa day at home with this limited-edition, seven-step foot care treatment. Our feet are quite delicate, so it’s only fitting to give one of the most hardworking parts of you a little extra TLC that’s good for the sole. Fresh & Flowers Foot Box gives you a full fresh routine from the tip of your toe to the curve of your sole as you cleanse, soak, exfoliate, and hydrate for toe-tal relaxation. This box contains products so fresh, it's only available in shops on May 18th.Stop by your local Lush to purchase, or buy it online and pick up in-store for a seamless process! Check out image assets.

What’s Inside:

Posy of Herbs & Flowers

Steep these herbs in warm water for a fragrant foot soak.

Benefits: Enjoy the herbal aroma of rosemary, lavender and eucalyptus.


Sandy Foot Scrub

Scrub hard heels to softness with fine sea salt and sand.

Benefits: Sea salt exfoliates and cocoa butter moisturizes for soft feet.


Mr. Potato Feet Fresh Foot Mask

Sit back and relax as olive oil softens and potato juice cleanses your weary feet.

Benefits:  Softening and cleansing, with golden castor sugar for a little scrub.


Vegan Pink Peppermint Foot Lotion

Minty peppermint and soothing arnica bring overworked feet back to life from heel to toe.

Benefits: Cool, refresh and hydrate feet with a hint of magic mint.


Epsom Salt Foot Soak

Great for post-workout and recovery, this Epsom salt soak relaxes tired feet.

Benefits: Epsom salts soothe and soften.


Put The Boot In Bath Bomb

Kick things up a notch with a revitalizing, minty-fresh foot soak.

Benefits: Peppermint, apple cider vinegar and clove deodorize and cool.


Foot Fairy Dust Pad

A deodorizing powder made with corn starch, soothing arnica powder, peppermint and just a touch of sparkle.

Benefits: Cornstarch keeps feet dry while spearmint and peppermint freshen you up.


Out Of This World Gift - $15.00
Blast off on a bathtime adventure with two fun and refreshing bath bombs.

What’s Inside:

Intergalactic Bath Bomb

Herbal mint scent, fizzing neon colors  


Out Of This World Bath Bomb

Swirls of color, popping candy and refreshing citrus


Into The Wild Gift - $42.00
Unwind after an adventure with four refreshing products for bath and body.

What’s Inside:

Lakes Bath Bomb

Siberian fir and honeyed osmanthus absolute clear the mind


Fresh As Shower Gel

Alpine fresh scent with cucumber infusion and fir needle oil


Cosmetic Lad Moisturizer

Softens and soothes with aloe and lavender honey water


Ocean Salt Face And Body Scrub

Exfoliating and brightening whole-body scrub