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Local Santa - Natural Beard

Jobs Description

Do you believe in Santa and the magic he brings to children of all ages? Are you ready to share your well-groomed, natural beard, your fabulous smile and twinkle in your eyes for a jolly Santa role? For over 60 years during the months of November and December, Cherry Hill Programs has delivered the Santa magic for everyone celebrating the Christmas season. We provide excellent customer service, top quality photos and a first class, magical experience for everyone visiting Santa. With the season only a sleigh ride away, now is THE perfect time to begin preparations for joining us to create that special Santa magic for Christmas 2021!

Areas of Responsibility

  • A well-groomed, natural beard, welcoming smile and bright eyes characterize me
  • Being described as “a jolly old fellow” would be a compliment  
  • Good listening and communication skills are my gifts 
  • Having my picture taken lights me up and makes my cheeks glow 
  • Creating the Santa magic for others would bring me joy 
  • Pronouncing a hearty ‘HO HO HO’ is fun
  • Milk and cookies are a delicious treat
  • Abilities to perform, entertain and sing loudly for all to hear are talents (not required) 
  • Flexibility to work Full-time, Part-time or As Needed is on my Wishlist 

Education / Experience Requirements

  • Minimum age 18  
  • Maintain a well-groomed beard, naturally white or artificially whitened during season 
  • Excellent personal and dental hygiene, with ability to smile frequently  
  • Supply your own company-approved black leather boots and wire-rimmed glasses 
  • Always remaining in character while on location and within public view 
  • Email address with ability to correspond and complete paperless onboarding process 
  • Must have reliable transportation 
  • Ability to stand and walk independently  
  • Ability to sit for extended periods and often change positions between sitting/standing 
  • Ability to often lift and/or manage holding 10-25 lbs. 
  • Ability to read and speak English 
  • Adherence to all policies and procedures outlined in Employee Handbook, with specific attention to employee’s responsibility for tracking all hours worked using method provided and following all safety procedures