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Manager in Training

Jobs Description

JOB DESCRIPTION Learns to manage all aspects of a store including presentation, staffing, leadership and store operations during the training program. Must successfully complete the manager in training program to be moved into an assistant manager position. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree required. 

RETAIL EXPERIENCE: No retail experience required. At least 1 year retail experience preferred.

SUPERVISOR/MANAGERIAL EXPERIENCE: No supervisor/managerial experience required.

WORK SCHEDULE REQUIREMENTS Managers are generally required to work 40 to 50 hours per week. Depending on the time of year and the needs of the store, managers may work more or less than 40 to 50 hours per week. Managers are required to work most weekends, and during peak holiday periods.

Areas of Responsibility

TASKS CUSTOMER FOCUS Interacts with and assists customers to ensure they are satisfied with their store experience. Reinforces customer service expectations with associates. Anticipates customer merchandise (e.g., placement, availability, customer fit) and business flow (e.g., long lines at cash wrap or fitting rooms) issues. Keeps up-to-date on merchandise choices and uses suggestive selling/ outfitting to share this knowledge with customers. Delivers an in-store experience focused on the customer, ensuring a fast, easy and exciting shopping experience.

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT Trains staff to complete job tasks and develop skills for effective performance. Evaluates staff on tasks and competencies and identifies high-performing talent within the store.

STAFFING, SCHEDULING, AND PAYROLL Staffs store with quality associates to assist in meeting and maintaining store staffing levels. Learns and manages setting priorities, assigning and organizing work flow and allocating payroll for staff

Education / Experience Requirements

STORE PRESENTATION AND SALES FLOOR Learns, participates in and manages visual and presentation standards throughout the store and stockroom, ensuring staff involvement in cleaning and maintenance. Executes and updates floorsets to brand standards. Makes store presentation decisions to improve the speed and flow of the business. Ensures store is prepared for events or promotions. Anticipates, monitors and reacts to the day’s events to ensure proper merchandising (e.g., sell-down, top-selling items for substitution, onhand inventory).

STORE OPERATIONS Coordinates with other managers to resolve operations and customer issues throughout the store. Learns, reviews and supports all current company procedures and policies. Reads and completes appropriate sections of the Program. Performs management only register functions. Handles all cash related managerial procedures. Learns and completes maintenance and updating of personnel files.

ASSET PROTECTION Follows all Company safety and security policies, including completing bag checks, issuing customer service recovery statements, securing the store before and after business hours and responding appropriately in emergency situations. Participates in the training of others to follow all company safety and security policies, including knowledge of current shrink rate. Monitors shrink by being aware of signs of theft, communicating customer service recovery statements and assisting asset protection in the event of theft.

COMMUNICATION Communicates information and instructions to others. Respects and values diversity in others and develops and maintains good working relationships with all associates. Educates staff on new merchandise, business metrics (e.g., top selling products, merchandise pricing), store sales metrics (e.g., product sales, daily sales) and company marketing initiatives (e.g., in-store sales, promotions, social media campaigns, online ordering in store).

POLICIES AND PROCEDURES Follows and holds associates accountable to company procedures, including Handbook Policies, as well as all managerial instructions and assignments. Adheres to the dress code guidelines in personal appearance (e.g. grooming, proper dress). Follows standard procedures for opening and closing the store. Arrives, clocks in and clocks out promptly for shift and meal periods. Operates cash register and all point of sale (POS) devices.

STOCKROOM Learns, participates in and manages stockroom areas being organized and maintained according to company standards.

How to Apply

Please visit for more details.