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Outdoor igloo dining returns for winter season at Polaris Fashion Place

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX) — A one of a kind winter dining experience is back at Polaris Fashion Place.

Winter Park features eight heated igloo-style pods for outdoor dining.

The igloos are located directly outside of The Royce at the Polaris Lifestyle Center.

Each heated igloo can seat a private party of up to six guests and includes comfortable seating, rustic decorations, and ambient lighting to provide the ultimate winter outdoor dining experience.

Winter Park also includes central seating and firepits outside the igloo to keep guests warm.

“We are thrilled to partner once again with The Royce to bring this special dining experience to Polaris Fashion Place,” said Tamra Bower, General Manager of Polaris Fashion Place. “We look forward to welcoming guests back to enjoy a delicious winter meal in the privacy of their individual igloo."

To learn more about the igloos and how to make reservations, visit The Royce's website.