KidX: Frozen-Fun

Visit your favorite snowy movie characters for a winter wonderland of fun! Take pictures with the fairest snow queen and snow princess in the land. Don’t forget about the silly smiling snowman! Take a break from the cold and come join the whole snow family by the Zoo Play Area.

What is KidX?

KidX is our club where kids get to come together with FREE activities that inspire them to explore their world. With KidX, guests have fun, playful, and educational experiences. Whether it’s expression through art, exploration of a kids safety fair, or the exhilaration of fun fitness activities, KidX brings enriching experiences to members and their families. Bring a book that will be donated to the Columbus Metropolitan Library! The kids that donate also receive a prize for donating.

Children and parents interested in KidX Club are encouraged to come and sign up to receive a KidX lunch bag. New members will receive details of the program, goodies, and a calendar of upcoming events.

All event dates, themes, locations and times are subject to change.

For more fun details about each upcoming event call us at 614-456-0180!