KidX Candy Crawl Craft Bag Pickup Day #1

Before you attend the KidX Candy Crawl Drive-Thru event on Saturday, October 17, be sure to stop by and pickup your candy bag to bring home and decorate! 

You can find us at COhatch:The Hub (on the Lower Level by Apple) from 1PM-4PM, and stop on by to grab your bag to-go! 

What you will get:

1 Bag for you to customize and decorate at your house

Everything you will need to make the bag truly yours! (Markers, stickers, etc)

What you will do:

Once you pickup your bag, you bring it home and have fun decorating it! And then on Saturday, October 17th you get to show off your bag while getting candy at our Candy Crawl Drive-Thru event!!!